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Is Inpatient Rehabilitation Right for You?

The problems of substance abuse and addiction are not only complex, they can be very difficult and frustrating to try and resolve. You may have initially turned to drugs in order to effect some positive change in your life – thinking that these substances would be able to help in some way by relieving discomfort or causing pleasure. Over time, however, drug substances not only become less and less helpful, they become more and more harmful to your health, relationships and life. If you find yourself struggling with full-blown drug addiction you may wonder how you got there, and more importantly how you can take your life back. The answer is inpatient rehabilitation.

About Drug Addiction

Contrary to what many individuals may believe, drug addiction cannot be resolved by willpower and the choice to abstain from all future drug use. Once the body has grown to depend upon drug substances for its normal functioning, the individual no longer has any control over their drug use and needs professional help in order to overcome their drug addiction problems. Some basic signs of drug addiction include the feeling that drug use is necessary for one’s survival, the inability to decrease or halt one’s drug use despite a desire to do so, feeling that one has to maintain a constant supply of drug substances to hand, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful withdrawal symptoms when drug use lapses, and participating in dishonest or illegal activities in order to obtain more drug substances. The individual may openly deny their drug problems for one reason or another, but most individuals know deep down when they have a problem with drug addiction and they need help.

Why Inpatient Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation treatment is far more than an opportunity for an individual to abstain from drug use and talk about their feelings with others. It is a place where the individual can receive the help and support they need to restore their own ability to live a healthy, productive life. While many millions of individuals suffer from the problems of substance abuse and addiction, the fact is that each person is different, and has their own specific needs when it comes to rehabilitation treatment. What works perfectly well to help one individual permanently recover from drug addiction may not help another individual do the same. Rather than considering that drug addiction is an incurable disease or that rehabilitation treatment is ineffective, you need to consider that there is a rehabilitation treatment program designed to meet your exact needs, and this treatment program is most likely an inpatient program.

Inpatient rehabilitation treatment programs require that the individual reside at the facility for the entire duration of their treatment. This means that the individual is removed from their normal life environments and routines, environments and routines that may very well be contributing to the individual’s drug use problems. Furthermore, the individual is placed in a safe, supportive and drug-free environment where they receive around-the-clock care and support from trained, experienced medical professionals and addiction specialists. By comparison, outpatient rehabilitation treatment programs require that the individual come into the facility on a set schedule, and then return to their home every evening after treatment. If the individual encounters major difficulties while away from the facility, they may lack the support they need to remain sober and push through their recovery, and they can possibly relapse into drug use. However, if an individual feels that they have a stable home environment and a good work situation, they may not want to leave to participate in inpatient rehabilitation. Following are some questions to ask in order to determine if inpatient treatment is right for you:

  • Are you suffering from stress and anxiety? Stress and anxiety can sometimes be the key factors that drive an individual into drug use and then holds them there. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety problems, inpatient rehabilitation can be enormously help just in removing you from the environmental stimuli that are contributing to these problems.
  • Are you concerned about relapsing? It can be very difficult to discipline oneself into sobriety without strong and constant support and encouragement from others, especially during the initial stages of recovery. If you are concerned about relapsing, inpatient rehabilitation may be best for you.
  • Do you associate with individuals who condone or encourage drug use? Sometimes it is the people around you that are enabling your continued drug use, and without disconnecting from these individuals it can be difficult to successfully recover. Inpatient rehabilitation can allow one to disconnect from destructive individuals and situations and allow one to establish healthier relationships.
  • Are your drug addiction problems extensive and severe? The more severe your drug addiction problems, the longer your recovery should be. This will ensure that you thoroughly address each and every single cause and effect of drug use, and establish the tools and abilities necessary to maintain a healthy, happy and drug-free future. Inpatient rehabilitation allows one to take the time needed to focus on full recovery.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that drug rehabilitation treatment programs be at least ninety days in length in order to result in an individual’s successful and lasting recovery from drug abuse and addiction problems. It is likely for this reason that inpatient rehabilitation programs are among the most successful rehabilitation programs available – they take the time to empower the individual to take back control of their own life and permanently end their relationship with drugs. It is certainly well worth considering whether inpatient rehabilitation may be the right rehabilitation treatment for you.

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