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When an individual is seeking to overcome their drug abuse and addiction problems, they need help, support and encouragement from professional, trained, experienced and compassionate addiction specialists. However, trying to find the rehabilitation treatment facility and program that is best suited to the individual’s specific needs can be challenging and overwhelming. At Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation we understand the difficulties one must overcome in order to successfully and fully recover from drug abuse and addiction, and we work hard to empower individuals to take back control of their life and their future.

Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation

While there are countless options within each category, there are two main categories of drug rehabilitation treatment: inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment is widely recognized as one of the most successful types of drug rehabilitation, and for good reason. With inpatient treatment, the individual is removed from their normal life environments and routines and placed in a safe, supportive and drug-free environment for the duration of their treatment program. Since most drug use continues as a result of environmental stimuli, an individual who is removed from these stimuli while they learn how to disconnect from drug use, repair the damages caused by drug use and build the strong foundation for a healthy future is better able to persist through many of the challenges that can arise during recovery, without relapsing back into drug use.

Contrary to what many individuals may believe, drug abuse and addiction cannot be effectively and permanently resolved by the individual simply abstaining from further drug use for a period of time. There may be no doubt that they need help and support in order to fully recover from drug use, but the fact remains that it was their own choice and decision to turn to drug use in the first place, and it has to be their choice and decision to establish and maintain lasting sobriety. Taking responsibility for past choices and the damages caused as a result of these choices can be quite difficult, and it can take time. The plain truth is that effective drug rehabilitation treatment is neither fast nor easy, but it is very thorough. This is why the National Institute on Drug Abuse recommends that a rehabilitation treatment program be at least ninety days in length in order to help an individual truly address every aspect of their drug use and establish the firm foundation necessary for a drug-free future. At Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation we take this to heart, carefully designing individualized programs that take the time to meet each person’s specific recovery needs. Our goal is to provide the best treatment necessary to restore the individual to a happy, productive life.

Services Provided

The main components to a successful drug rehabilitation treatment program include physical detoxification, counseling and rehabilitation services. At Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation, we understand the value of incorporating different types of rehabilitation services into our patients’ treatment programs. These services are very valuable as they give patients the tools they need to not only recover from drug abuse and addiction, but live confidently once they are on their own again. With a variety of different services available, patients can find the most comfortable way to recover from their drug problems. Rehabilitation services include:

Music and Art

One of the things that can draw an individual into drug abuse and addiction and trap them there is an inability to explore and express their emotions, especially difficult ones. These emotions don’t simply go away when they aren’t expressed, they build up, which can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression in some individuals. Music and art can have a calming effect for most individuals, whether they are enjoying it or creating it themselves. Being able to write their own music or create their own art allows individuals to express difficult emotions they can’t verbalize, which can give them great relief.

Physical Fitness and Nutrition

Drug abuse and addiction problems can rapidly destroy an individual’s physical health, creating a condition where they constantly feel weak, unenergetic and even ill. This occurs not only as a direct result of drug use and the effect of these chemicals on the body, but also as an indirect result of drug use since the individual tends to neglect their personal care and nutrition in favor of drugs. Unfortunately, it can be very difficult to achieve and maintain one’s recovery when the individual doesn’t feel physically well. Physical fitness and nutrition training can help the individual begin to repair the physical damages caused by drug use and begin to feel better and healthier.

Martial Arts and Yoga

In a normal, healthy individual there is a strong connection between their mind and their body, and the individual is able to control their body through controlling their mind. Drug use can utterly destroy this connection, causing stress in many individuals. Martial arts and yoga both require discipline and focus, good lessons for someone who is seeking to recover from drug abuse and addiction problems, and can help the individual re-establish a strong connection between mind and body, which can be very calming.

Resume Writing and GED

Some individuals who are working through their drug rehabilitation treatment program are concerned about their future and how they will be able to survive in the professional world after completing their program. Resume writing and GED classes can help individuals confidently gain the skills they need to succeed as contributing members of society.

Relapse Prevention

It is one thing to establish and maintain one’s sobriety in a safe, supportive and drug-free environment and quite another to maintain one’s sobriety in the same environments that forced one into drug use in the first place. Individuals who learn how to identify relapse triggers and either avoid or handle them are better able to maintain their sobriety into the future.

Handling Individual Emotional Tone Levels

An individual’s ability to handle emotions is extremely valuable, especially when strong emotions like anger or depression can often drive the individual into drug use or cause them to relapse into drug use. By learning how to cope with and handle difficult emotions, the individual is better able to retain control over their life even when times get tough.

Transitional Living

The transition between inpatient drug rehabilitation and the normal world can often be very rough to navigate, especially if the recovering individual has no residence or job. Transitional living offers housing and other support to individuals who have completed their rehabilitation treatment program and need help transitioning back into society.

Therapeutic Treatment

Therapeutic treatments, like acupuncture and massage, can greatly aid an individual in working through the discomfort of drug withdrawals and detoxification. These services can help relax the body and calm the mind, which can help smooth out the rehabilitation treatment process.

Financial Planning and Problem Solving

It is not unusual for a drug abuser or addict to suffer great financial difficulties as a result of their drug problems. By learning basic financial planning skills, the individual is better prepared for any financial situations or problems that can arise when they are back on their own in society. Problem solving classes help the individual learn to think creatively in order to solve life problems, rather than simply giving up and turning to drugs in order to suppress or numb these problems.

12 Step Programs

12 step programs, like those delivered in Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings, can help empower individuals to recover from drug abuse and addiction problems one step at a time, and while receiving support and encouragement from others around them.

Getting Help Now

With a wide variety of treatment options and services, here at Inpatient Drug Rehabilitation we are well designed to help anyone in any situation overcome their problems with drug abuse and addiction. We work hard to help individuals stabilize their lives and take control of their future. There is no reason to wait to get help, it’s available now. For more information about our program or services, contact us today.